...​ the only sense that unites us all... because... it doesn't come from the body

A New Beginning

We were given everything we need to experience heaven on earth.  We are all here to have that experience together.  All equal parts of the whole.  And because the place we came from was that place of wholeness, oneness, everything being part of all there is, we all came here with the knowledge of that place from which we came.  That knowing is a sense we all have.  It’s what we have in common… our common sense.  It is our primary connection to each other and our creator.  It’s the knowing we all have, the longing for unity, to feel a part of, to be connected with each other, our creator, and all of life. It is also the knowing we have within us;  we shouldn’t kill each other, people shouldn’t be suffering, dying of starvation, hurting the environment, hurting animals, etc. etc.  We don’t have to ‘think’ about these things, we already know them.   Our common sense tells us; ‘hey, you’re off the beam here’.  We just stopped listening, pretending we don’t know what we know, and we forgot who we are and where we came from.  We’ve been living in a lie, be lie ving we are what we are not … separate, disconnected from each other.  But no matter how hard we try to make the lie real… common sense never leaves us.  Life gets pretty painful when we don’t use our common sense.

So, how do we get back ‘on the beam’?  How do we re-connect to our common sense?  It seems plain enough that if we lived from that knowing, we’d have to act and live differently.  But what are the guidelines and what do we base this new life on?   We would have to take our common sense, together with our experience since we’ve been here on the planet and find those truths that are consistent, that always work, and make those things our basis of living.  We're talking about principles, things that never fail in our experience.  They aren’t that hard to find, lots of them are noted above.  Actually, they are obvious, just like it says in the constitution of the United States “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal… “.

We can’t, however, ’make’ anyone connect to their common sense.  It is our choice; it has to start with each of us individually.  First we need to remember what a principle is, not by definition that’s just information.  Information can be helpful, but we each need to see, first hand, in our own experience because if we don’t see them, although we 

may learn to cooperate to avoid pain, it won't be a conscious choice.  Take gravity as an example:  It's consistent in our experience;  if we drop something it falls, every time, at no time does it not work.  Someday we may find a higher principle but for now its truth.  The more we co-operate with gravity, or any other principle, the more we're able to accomplish in life and when we don’t co-operate it hurts, we experience pain, we’re unable to do simple things.  As soon as we come into alignment with the principle and co-operate, we are empowered (that’s inwardly powered).  Co-operation with any principle empowers, consistently, resistance creates the illusion of power called force but force, of itself has no power.

Once we remember what principles are and how to see them in our own experience, we can look for and choose to align with them... or not.  We do this personally first, in our own life, and, we can do it collectively, as the one life together, reminding each other of these common principles.  Doing this together, identifying these truths, principles that are there already and learning to align ourselves with them creates the new ‘common unity’ based on cooperation and not conflict or competition.  In this way we come into harmony with ourselves, each other, and all of life, one small community at a time, to so produce the experience we all came here to have. 

How do we do this together?  We build on what we have in common and choose, a little at a time to live in harmony from this common unity.  See 'solutions' tab.

Thought, thinking, logic, reason, mentation..

Our experience of life is very different even though we use the same tools to experience it.  No one experience is more 'real' than another.

Common              Sense.

Our goal is simple: To re-create our world in the highest vision we, together, choose to image-in, one piece at a time.


By re-membering (becoming a member once again) of the group (many parts that make up a whole) called humanity, we can use our common sense (that knowledge that is in our soul) to 'be' in harmony with each other and re-create together the world as we already know it should be.

Mind - Mental.

Welcome to your Common Sense!

Knowledge, vision, wisdom, creativity.

Body ​- Physical

Manifestation, physical

reality, matter..

All of us experience each of our senses differently and yet they are all the same sense.  We are individually unique, but we have the same basic parts..

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Soul - Spiritual.