Our bodily sense can never be satisfied.  In our attempts to live

primarily trying to satisfy our senses we disconnect from our core.  Even when we succeed in getting what we 'think' we want, we find it isn't quite enough and it never really lasts.  We end up with a never ending desire for more...

Isn’t it time we start using our “common sense”?  Look around you.  Is it not apparent that the world as we’ve created it just doesn’t make sense?  Yet, we all have this “sense” in common.  We know no one should be hungry, or be homeless, or go without medical care.  We know a lot of these things.  So, what’s the problem?  Why don’t we live by our common sense?  Because we don’t have a good answer to that question, we are conflicted between what we know and the evidence of how we’ve been living.  

It’s painful to look at this conflict… it hurts us… and who likes pain?  In order for us not to feel the pain, the mind has to find a way to dismiss the question.  Listening to the mind’s rationalizations for not living by our common sense is how we lose it.  We create a fictitious character known as ‘ego’, based on who we think we are.  Instead of being a part of… we disconnect… we separate ourselves… apart from… the group we were created in… humanity.  Our “reasons” for not living from common sense are endless… our evidence is flawless… perfectly logical.  It just doesn’t make for common sense.  It’s not the truth.  That is why we can’t go to our “reasoning”. We have to “come to our senses”.

Finding what it is we have in common units us at a core level.  We were born connected, to all of life.  We learned to separate, but we can re-member and re-unite.  Living from our common sense allows us to live in harmony with each other and enjoy all our senses. Common sense, however, must come first. We don't need anyone to tell us that.  Why?

"We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident"


​​We started out in innocence and wonder... in awe of life!  We knew we were part of every thing. Then we got "educated",  We were taught that we were some thing. separate from every other thing.  Slowly we for got... we stopped listening to ... our common 'sense'.  

We imaged in a character, a false self, from our experiences(you might call it 'our end') of the Oneness of all that is. We each call our end of the Oneness the same thing...  'my end'... aka... mind.  We imagined, in our minds, we were separate from our Self(each other).  We learned to create a separate (unreal) world using our thinking.  Of course our thinking is only a very shallow version of who we are, it's our Thin-king.  Our Thin-king uses its thou oughts to create this very shallow world. The problem is, my thou oughts are different than your thou oughts and my be-lie-f is that I am right and you are wrong. And we've been captured in our own ill u (ver)sion of life ever since.

Our mind is not our enemy, however, we can only get out of mind...  what we put into it!

Stop thinking... listen to your common sense (the still small voice).  It will guide you.  It is the One sense that unites us all, it's the pre sense... the Presence... of God... in and as each of us. 

Start a conversation from your be-ing not your thin-king.  Look for what brings together, what's common to ever other part of the whole.  We all want the same thing (because we are One). Don't let your other senses dictate your behavior.  Learn to identify how your senses drive you and use your common sense to help change your behavior.

Don't beat yourself up when you get off track, our thin king captures us at times.  Stop, look, listen, and... get yourself connected.

Begin a conversation with others.  Share ideas not be-lie-fs. Look for the good and praise it.  These are not new ideas... you already know this... it's time we start living them!