Learning to rely on our common sense can be challenging because we have been in denial of our own greatness. Learning to let go of beliefs so we can make room for the unique expression each of us is, takes courage.  Although instantaneous in the spiritual dimension, it seems to take time in the physical world. The egoic mind appears to stand solidly in the way. It helps to share with each other our experiences.  

2000 years ago Christ said 'if you love me, feed my sheep'. He was speaking to a few people in a world of unconscious people, sheep, in a very primitive society.  Today his message is 'now that you realize that "I am" within you, help all my other shepherds re-cognize me.  Today, we are all shepherds and we need to feed each other, every day.

No matter how insightful our individual experience might be, it will take every single one of us, cooperating together, to transform the planet into the world as it was intended to be.  "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven". Simply put, we are either living in harmony with creation, or we have a separate agenda!

Groups are now forming all over the world, in coffee shops, at the beach, in a park.  Look for the 

commonsenserocks logo, along with other logos and know you are welcome to share your

ideas and inspirations on what we all have in common to live in harmony with each other and all

of life.  A place to co-operate, a place of inclusion never exclusion.

The common sense I'm talking about isn't something we are taught or can learn... it's the "knowing" we were born with... every single one of us... the infinite intelligence that 'is' our very essence.  The God given knowing...  It isn't right from wrong... because that's just dualistic thin-king and dualistic thinking is of the mind, common sense is of the soul.  Common sense looks at what works and what works best, what is, and what could be.  

What makes common sense rock is that it takes the limits off.  We are no longer limited, we are free.  We no longer look for answers we look for solutions (fyi: the action of the sol in u). Think about it, any answer you ever had is only temporary... why... because life is continually expanding, evolving into it's next higher state of being. Only our fears hold us back... but once exposed to the light... fears melt into the nothingness from wence they came.  Answers stop us from asking questions but solutions always lead us to better questions.   

Common sense, when looked at from the Oneness of life, is the presence of infinite intelligence in us. It is, for each of us, the best teacher and the solution place for any of our problems.  Every single one of our great teachers taught some form of "behold I am with you always"  we just got so caught up in what name the teacher went by that we'd rather fight over their name than actually live what they were teaching.  The time for arguing is over, now is the time for quieting the mind, opening up and asking for inspiration.  

How do you know if the answer is inspiration?  You don't until you take action on what you received.  However before you take action, here's a simple test that can be used:if it separates or harms in any way - it's not God.... if it unifies and harms no one - it's God.          

(And that's just Common Sense!)

what if we got it wrong... what if the thing that's missing... why our world is so screwed up... why we continue not to learn from our mistakes... is because we have not used our God given...  

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 ​Common Sense.