Think of these metronomes as human beings.  They all have a different beat, yet they come into harmony once put on a platform that moves.  The platform we need is called:  

Common Sense...            and it rocks!

It's time to rediscover our connection to each other.  We can start with a simple conversation.  What is it that we have in common?  It's a conversation that could be anywhere or everywhere.  How would you find this conversation and what are the ground rules?  

There are many organizations doing a lot of good work in the world but there is no one place that people can gather for a conversation, a sane conversation about what we have in common.  Maybe that place is anywhere.  Anywhere you see the common sense logo, and maybe some other logos, from organizations that also support this conversation.  Any positive group that brings people together for our common good.

Why not start your own conversation, at Starbucks, a park, or at the beach?  We'll send you a logo and a suggested  format to get started.  Shortly, we will have a fabric cover with the logo on it.  It will fit on any umbrella or just hang it on a wall, so people all over the world, will know that under that umbrella you will find people co-operating together to rebuild our common unity.  No agenda, nothing but a few simple guidelines and people willing to look at what they have in common. Whatever is giving us life, beating our hearts, breathing our breath... its the same in all of us.  It's just common sense... we've just forgotten.  Like everything in life if you don't use it, you (temporarily) lose it.   Common sense is a gift we were born with so we can't lose it.  

Start a conversation, wherever you are, grab a friend, meet some people, we all want the same thing, so let's talk about it.  Email me and I'll send you that format and please.... join in the conversation!